How We Are Different

What makes EXCELLIAN, different from other providers?  We develop custom solutions, unique to your challenges, so you benefit from focused, pragmatic, will-work solutions.  For example:


Do you have I-9 Forms for all employees?

Fines for non-compliance range from $110 to $16,000 per violation. We routinely conduct I9 audits for clients to make sure forms are accurately completed and filed appropriately.

Do you know what information should and should not be kept in employees’ files?

There are strict rules and privacy obligations for tracking and handling employee information. Contact us to review your files and help you appropriately collect and store employee information.

Do you have an updated employee handbook?

Handbooks provide employees with consistent information about company policies and assist managers in making the right employment decisions. We work with you to develop a compliant handbook for your organization, customized to your needs.

Do you need help dealing with a “problem” employee?

We help managers resolve common “problem employee” issues, such as employees who are routinely late to work, are rude to co-workers, or are unresponsive to clients’ needs.

Do your managers know how to manage?

We train managers how to set and communicate expectations to employees and to effectively conduct performance reviews. We coach them on the execution and documentation of these discussions so that productivity is enhanced and the likelihood discrimination and wrongful termination claims is reduced.

Does your hiring team know how to hire the best people for the job?

We train hiring managers on what questions to ask to get the best results and, equally as important, what questions not to ask to ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws.

Do you have FLSA and ADA compliant job descriptions for each position?

Improve job performance and reduce legal exposure by communicating expectations through well-written job descriptions. We help companies draft these documents, soliciting feedback from managers and employees, to ensure they accurately reflect the job-at-hand.

Do you have a harassment policy and annual training for all employees?

Employers are required to establish a federal and state-compliant policy, provide anti-harassment training to employees and managers, and investigate all complaints. We offer these services to provide clients expert and objective support in this sensitive area.

Do you have up-to-date labor posters, posted correctly at all of your locations?

If not, the Department of Labor can impose fines for each offense. Our labor poster program keeps you in compliance, supplying and automatically replacing your federal and state labor posters as they are updated.

Do you know when employment laws affecting you are enacted or updated?

State and federal employment laws change constantly. We help you stay informed and avoid penalties for non-compliance.