Who We Are

EXCELLIAN, is a Human Resources outsourced/consulting firm offering the full gamut of HR Services. We expertly handle your most critical employee administration, saving you time and money. This includes:


  • Human Resources Services – Managing the life cycle of your employees – from beginning to end – for you.

  • Health Insurance Benefits – Creating and managing the best benefits package to meet your resource and budgetary needs

  • Compliance – Meeting your responsibilities with our expert guidance

  • Payroll Services – Our comprehensive payroll services simplifies the payroll process

  • Workers' Compensation – Handle administration of your workers’ compensation policy and claims management

  • Safety and Risk Management – Reduce your risk as an employer to create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment


We are a true business partner, known for our commitment to quality, our industry expertise, and exceptional customer service.


EXCELLIAN, helps businesses create and/or maintain HR functions that support their company’s goals and objectives. We customize our services to support the goals, operations, and culture of each client. As a result, our clients are able to focus on running and growing their business, knowing their people needs are being met.