Youth Facilitator

Arlington, TX, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role



Want to work in a school setting and work with students from various locations? Want to help support programs that positively impact youth and families? Our client is a Non-Profit organization located in Arlington, Texas with a job opening for a Youth Services Facilitator.

Bilingual (English/Spanish) is a plus!

Our client's core values:

Collaboration working in partnership with our young people, their families, and outside organizations.
Help to provide resources, opportunities, and a support system.
Accountability assuring all staff, volunteers, and collaborative partners provide quality service.
Negotiation sharing information and discussing all ideas before reaching an agreement.
Growth evaluating ourselves and our programs continuously looking for ways to improve.
Engagement includes adolescents in their own development, never making decisions about them without them.


Scope of Work

  • Assist in the coordination and implementation of all phases of the project, particularly events related to schools and community-based sites.

  • Develop and oversee the organization’s educational programs using current and relevant medical information.

  • Plan, coordinate, and implement parent orientation sessions at the site per Memorandum of Agreement is fully executed.

  • Meet with Facilitators on weekly basis.

  • Assist either presenting the TOP curricula education program and alternative activities to various audiences.

  • Present the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), an evidence-based curriculum education program, and other alternative activities to various audiences.

  • Assist with the planning, coordination, and implementation of Service-Learning Projects.

  • Provide educational support services and healthy relationship materials, certification, and updates to program participants.

  • Ensure adequate curricula and support materials are available to schools and outreach partnership sites.

  • Assist with ensuring that the sites are adequately covered with Facilitators.

  • Safeguard all program materials, supplies, and equipment from theft and damage.

  • Maintain accurate data from programs and respect the confidentiality of participants DOCUMENTED IN THE SITE BOOKS.

  • Ensure that all of the program reporting documents are in the books of the site and will audit ongoing for accuracy and compliance.

  • Assist Program Director with coordination of collaborating with staff regarding all educational components of In-School, Out-of-School and Community Sites

  • Assist with in-house staff development/training and team building

  • Identify educational resources (books, videos, activities, etc.) to use as supplemental resources or incentives for program participants.

  • Responsible for preparing Progress Reports as required by Management.

  • In collaboration with the Office Manager, oversee and coordinate the ordering and distribution of all educational curricula and materials to include incentives for program participants

  • Consult with partners to ensure educational programming is in compliance and to inform the Program Coordinator of any need for intervention.

  • Assists with scheduling the Data Collections Specialists to administer the pre and post-surveys as scheduled.

  • Assists with auditing the Site Books and providing reports to the Program Coordinator

  • Schedule meetings and conference call as needed with community or school-based sites.

  • Become familiar with program materials including curriculum and A/V equipment.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or his or her designee.

Education/Skills required

  • Degreed health professional or 3 years of working experience in positive youth development programs

  • Bilingual Spanish is a plus

  • Experience with health education programs and materials

  • Good public relations and communication skills, both written and oral communication.

  • Effective in managing multiple priorities and working with diverse populations

  • Works well independently and with a team

  • Experience with Internet and Microsoft Office 2010, specifically Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

  • Maintain current TX driver’s license and Auto Insurance