HRO and ASO Solutions

Allow EXCELLIAN to be your trusted source when it comes to human resource issues.  Our services start with a detailed audit to determine your company’s “HR health.” From there, we make recommendations on your filing, documentation, and policies and procedures. We modify, create and update your employee handbooks, and are available for the tough HR problems such as separations and harassment investigations. To ensure our support services are accessible and convenient, we offer on-site and web-based trainings upon request. Most importantly, we are available anytime for phone consultation.


Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)

The HRO service model focuses only on the HR component of a small business.  Our H.R. professionals are true HR Business Partners that specialize in HR management as well as compliance with federal and state employment laws. 


Human Resources Plus (HRP)

Our HRP bundle combines human resources and payroll/payroll taxes, with the option to include employee health insurance benefits, workers’ compensation administration, claims management, and safety compliance into one cost-effective service model. By allowing EXCELLIAN to manage and direct your employee administrative obligations, as well as many of your employee-based regulatory requirements, you will find that they you are able to focus on your core business, allowing you to save money, time and headaches.


Vendor Management (VM)

Oftentimes small businesses engage a variety of vendors, systems, and people to manage different parts of the HR transactional and people  functions.  EXCELLIAN can handle the multiple vendors assignments, workflows and manage all the other aspects of your HR vendors needs as your single  source manager.