Employee Relations

There have always been disputes and disagreements. Many disputes and disagreements occur in the workplace and unfortunately this will never change. In today's business environment, a company can face a serious claim that often results in outrageous costs to the company.


Excellian HR is here to help your company through those times. Our expert HR Consultants are available to assist you with all kinds of employee relation, conflict resolution and or harassment concerns. More importantly, our HR Consultants take a proactive approach to addressing problematic issues before they escalate.


We work with you on:


  • Conflict Resolution

  • Harassment

  • Investigations

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    • Employee Grievances

    • Agency Responses

    • Mediation


When you partner with Excellian HR you have experts to manage compliance, employee relations and provide solid advice and counsel.



Survey Your Employees


Take a look at the strategic picture of your business by learning more about your team. Excellian HR provides employee surveys that give you insight into your team’s concerns, areas of need and areas of strength.


As your partner in measuring organizational and leadership performance, we help you develop and conduct employee surveys that fit your business and your people.