HR Analysis and Administration

Human Resources is interrelated with every other aspect of your business. That’s why HR outsourcing with Excellian HR is such a valuable strategic benefit. Excellian HR offers outsourcing that’s based on a trusted relationship, and what’s best for your company.


We work with you on:


  • HR Needs Assessment

  • HR Audit· Customizing Handbook

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Job Descriptions

  • HR Forms

  • I-9 Verification

  • Employee File Maintenance

  • Personnel Record Retention

  • HR Compliance Posters


An HR audit enables businesses to evaluate employee and management practices and identify areas for growth. The SWOT analysis we provide examines the current structure of your HR functions and offers solutions that will make those functions more effective.Using our audit and SWOT analysis, companies can assess where they are, uncover issues that they have and determine how they can best align their human resources practices to business goals.